Kundalini Yoga with Kristina


“I have been going to Kristina’s classes at the Elephant House, and more recently, at Victoria Park school for about 6 months and I can honestly say that they have been life-changing.  I found Kundalini yoga at a time when I was looking for a practice that would go deeper having done Hatha yoga, on and off, for many years.  Kundalini yoga certainly goes deeper and in Kristina’s class I have felt expertly guided into connecting on a much deeper level with many aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.  From my first class I felt very welcomed and supported in the space which Kristina holds with gentle expertise and every week I leave feeling completely renewed.  I have learnt so much more than the postures and the chants from Kristina’s teaching and if you are looking for a holistic experience and not just a physical workout then this would be a great class to choose.  Having said that, when it comes to the physical aspects of the class Kristina provides powerful encouragement and I have done much more than I thought I could because her words have given me the push to go further than my self-imposed limitations.  In addition to the class, Kristina has given me guidance on resources and encouraged me to do my own 40 day Kriya which has really helped me to work through blocks.  I would recommend Kristina’s class to anyone looking to try out Kundalini yoga in a supportive environment and anyone who wants to deepen their practice.  Kristina is an authentic spiritual teacher and guide.”


“I love Kristina’s Sunday morning class in Southville.  Kristina is a brilliant teacher, kind, encouraging, assertive and skilful.  She has really helped with some of the small nuances of getting the most from each yoga session.  Kundalini yoga is called ‘the mother of all yogas’ for a reason – you’ll feel amazing afterwards.  It’s physically challenging, but not complicated so you won’t feel daft if you walk in to the class as a complete beginner; the thing that makes you good at yoga is practicing yoga.  Kundalini has a nice mix of meditation, physical exertion and deep rest.  The Sunday morning time slot is a great way to shake-off the week and prepare for the next one.  If you’re secular in mind-set, go along to give your body a good workout and get boost of positive hormones and neurotransmitters.  If a happy hippy, go along and give your mind/body/spirit an instant upgrade.  Either way you’ll come out feeling great. Kristina is beautiful teacher!”     

Paul C_BS3

“I first started yoga in 2004 it’s been more off than on but I’ve seen a lot of different teachers over the years. It’s hard to find a great teacher! Someone who’s connected. A connection to their own practise and to you in their class – these go hand in hand and are usually very obvious because they are ‘there’ for the class, they communicate clearly and help bring you closer to yourself. Kristina is one of these rare teachers.

 I decided to try Kundalini – the timing suited me – I had no idea what to expect. Kristina creates a beautiful space. She gives precise instructions, just when you need them, and is encouraging. This really helps me to hold for longer or repeat more times whatever the objective is. The precision and clarity offered during meditation and asana is super helpful at helping me ‘access’ the moment and myself. I would say that this class is not easy but in truth it is as hard as you want to make it really. Somehow in the few classes I’ve attended I’ve really been able to pinpoint some of my weaknesses and really target those areas (lower core / hips and shoulders / upper back). 

 Kristina leads a very welcoming class with lots of support and compassion but also a great mix of challenge and encouragement. Kristina is a spiritual person and she shares this beautifully within the class – I don’t just leave with a new playlist of great music I leave feeling truly restored, invigorated and more wise. I hope to see you on the mat, I’ll be there, come and say hi.”

James O