Kundalini Yoga with Kristina


“I love Kristina’s Sunday morning class in Southville.  Kristina is a brilliant teacher, kind, encouraging, assertive and skilful.  She has really helped with some of the small nuances of getting the most from each yoga session.  Kundalini yoga is called ‘the mother of all yogas’ for a reason – you’ll feel amazing afterwards.  It’s physically challenging, but not complicated so you won’t feel daft if you walk in to the class as a complete beginner; the thing that makes you good at yoga is practicing yoga.  Kundalini has a nice mix of meditation, physical exertion and deep rest.  The Sunday morning time slot is a great way to shake-off the week and prepare for the next one.  If you’re secular in mind-set, go along to give your body a good workout and get boost of positive hormones and neurotransmitters.  If a happy hippy, go along and give your mind/body/spirit an instant upgrade.  Either way you’ll come out feeling great. Kristina is beautiful teacher!”     

Paul C_BS3